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Manufacturers of fine dental products for over 60 years. Copalite Dental Products.

Dental products, snap bond, dental aids, mouthtray -

Air dry and reapply varnish, dental health product -

It is applied under gold and amalgam restorations -

Product instructions are now available in Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and more -

Manufacturers of Fine Dental Products Since 1933 -

Varnish. It is time tested. The solvents in the varnish have anti-microbial and anti-viral properties.

To establish the right consistency, compare the color to an unopened bottle.

There is no other varnish available with the characteristic to reconstitute itself like COPALITE Varnish.

The thinner/solvent is used when the COPALITE Varnish thickens. Add a few drops of the thinner to the thickened varnish, recap the varnish and shake.

Varnish, This is the single half ounce bottle sold separately from the Complete Kit.

Contact us for free literature packets, wholesale -

rubber dam

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